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TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)!

It’s the weekend and the stock markets have closed. But cryptos like Bitcoin and Tezos never sleeps – the network and markets plod on!

What exactly is Tezos?

It’s a unique digital asset running on a decentralised platform. Anyone can buy some ‘tez’ (ticker symbol: XTZ) by first acquiring a fraction of a bitcoin and then receive frequent dividends from the network which are also paid in tez. Because the dividends are frequent (every 2.8 days), it is even more liquid than a traditional share in a company.

What’s going on in Tezos?

First, watch this 3 minute video recapping a Tezos developer day organised by Nomadic Labs:

The bar for being able to raise capital is dropping.

Equisafe is going to release (in the next few days) a crowdfunding tool using a standard called Mini Nyx!
It will be the equivalent of Ethereum’s ERC20 standard which will allow people to create utility tokens with instant delivery of payments using the Tezos blockchain.

This is very exciting for people and companies that want to raise equity but don’t want to spend tens of millions of $ on lawyers and accountants.

22 companies are tokenising securities on the Tezos blockchain with two securities being transitioned from the Stellar blockchain.

If you have all your wealth in real estate, annuities or the stock market, consider diversifying into this unique asset class – it is relatively unheard of, has consistent returns and huge upside potential. Not investment advice. Need help getting started? Contact us through the Facebook link below!

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