Getting started with Tezos!

You've just bought some XTZ from a reputable crypto currency exchange: Kraken referral link and you're ready to take custody of your crypto by withdrawing your Tezos from the exchange to a wallet like Kukai or AirGap where you control the private keys. Simply delegate to our baker to start earning 5.5% p.a..


For dedicated security and convenience get this hardware wallet:


On computer visit:

  • Kukai Wallet website (you can also use your Ledger Nano with it).

On mobile use your App or Play store to get:

Staking instructions for various wallets:

Ledger Nano S Plus (plug hardware wallet into your computer and visit website for best experience)

ZenGo (Mobile)

AirGap Wallet (Mobile)

Trezor T (Desktop, hardware wallet only)