Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tezos?

Tezos is secure technology which allows participation in a peer-to-peer network. It is a public blockchain and is upgradable through a proven on-chain governance mechanism.

Can I earn money with Tezos?

Yes! If you have some bitcoins (to buy Tezos with), and an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can download a mobile wallet today, delegate and start earning money every 3 days.

Where can I learn more about blockchain and Tezos?

Check out the Tezos Deep Dive Deck:

Why do you charge a fee?

I need to keep my computer running 24/7 and stay up to date with technical proposals and changes to the network to make informed voting decisions. I will be transparent about any decisions and try my best to explain what the technical proposals mean and my reasoning for any votes.

How can I get started?

Visit the “Choose your wallet” page to decide on which wallet you want to use to store the keys to your Tezos.

What kind of return can I expect?

Around 5.37% p.a. paid in Tezos approximately every 2.8 days. Although the actual rate can change depending on market participants.

How can I keep track of my incoming payments?

Download the Telegram app then start a chat with this notifications bot.

You can also track your rewards by copy/pasting your tz1 address into Baking Bad’s Tezos blockchain explorer – TzKT

What is a Tezos blockchain explorer?

You can use a blockchain explorer to inspect transactions that occur on the Tezos blockchain. If you already have an address and made some transactions head to and paste in your address.

Where does the money come from and why does it have value?

The money is generated by the blockchain validators (otherwise known as Bakers). The tokens have value because they are required for creating smart contracts, issuing assets on the blockchain, voting for changes to the Tezos protocol and because its a globally inclusive, democratic form of non-sovereign money.

What happens when Money Every 3 Days becomes over-delegated?

Rewards get generated in quantities higher than we have a security bond to pay for, which results in a lower efficiency score. In most cases we will quickly act to add additional funds, however is some cases we may not be able to secure more Tezos.

We reserve the right to not pay rewards to addresses that push us into an over-delegated state or subsequent addresses that delegate to us when already in an over-delegated state.

Please check our baker address staking capacity before delegating to us to ensure you are eligible to receive your rewards:

What is the best way to end staking?

If you completely clear your account, because of the lag in rewards generation, you may still be owed rewards but with a 0 balance there is a Tezos network reactivation fee (of around 0.25 XTZ) to send to an empty account, which we will not cover nor deduct from your rewards.

If you wish to end your staking with us, please leave a small fraction of Tezos in your address to continue receiving any owed rewards for the next 7 cycles.