Bake your Tezos with us to maximise dividend yield

Why leave your money in the bank?

When you bake/stake Tezos with us you are helping to keep Tezos secure. The network rewards us with Tezos and we pay forward 96% of those rewards to you.
Earn ~6% a year with payouts starting 24 days from your delegation and reoccurring every 3 days afterwards.
Earn a consistent and higher return on your investment from frequent dividends.
Cash out regularly or hold on to them and let the rewards compound!
To get the Tezos dividend you have to first obtain some bitcoin.
There are different bitcoin exchanges in different countries but if you are looking for a good Bitcoin exchange in Australia head over to Independent Reserve.
After you have some bitcoins, sign up for an account with the Kraken exchange and convert the bitcoins into Tezos (look for the XBT/XTZ market).
Finally, download the Trust wallet app on your phone and tap receive to copy your Tezos address.
Withdraw the Tezos from Kraken to your Trust wallet and stake your Tezos to Money Every 3 days.
In 24 days you will see your first rewards and every 3 days afterwards.

Bank vault photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash

Money jar photo by 

Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash