Buying bitcoins from the Bitcoin exchange 'Independent Reserve':In the Independent Reserve website:Once your account is funded, to buy Bitcoin click 'Trade'.

To buy at market rates enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to acquire.

To buy at a fixed price, click the 'BUY LIMIT' tab and fill in the amount of bitcoins and bid price fields, click 'preview buy order' and review the information.

Sending the bitcoins to the crypto currency exchange 'Kraken':

In the Kraken App:

Tap 'Balances', then under 'BTC' tap 'Deposit', 'Deposit to address' and tap 'Copy'.

Turn Bitcoin into Tezos:

In the Kraken App:

Tap 'Trade', search for 'XTZ' and tap on the 'XTZ / BTC' pair.

Choose the amount of XTZ you wish to buy and tap 'Buy'

Setup Trust wallet to create your Tezos (XTZ) address:

Open your Trust Wallet.

Tap the '+' icon in the top right corner.

Add Tezos.

Copy your Tezos (XTZ) address:

In the Trust Wallet App:Tap on your address (starts with tz1) then tap the 'Receive' button.Tap on the QR code or the copy button to copy it to the clipboard.

Send Tezos from Kraken to Trust Wallet

In the Kraken website:

Tap 'Balances', then under 'XTZ' tap 'Withdraw' and tap on the 'Withdraw to address' button.

Tap on 'Select an address or enter address by scanning QR Code', paste your address copied from Trust Wallet, double check that it matches exactly.

Choose the amount you wish to withdraw and click 'Withdraw to address'.

After about 5 minutes you should be ready to stake/bake.

Please follow the steps on the delegate page here.