Choose your Tezos wallet

Hardware wallet


Mobile wallet

You need to get either a Ledger Nano X or a Trezor T

Download the Trust app. Write down your recovery phrase and keep it safe, then add the Tezos coin (XTZ). Send bitcoins to an exchange like and convert them into Tezos (XTZ) on the exchange.

Send Tezos to the Trust wallet:

Generate a Tezos address on your smartphone by tapping receive and copy your Tezos address (starts with tz1). In the exchange withdraw your Tezos (XTZ) to your Tezos address.

After about ten minutes, your funds should arrive.

Finally, in the Trust wallet app delegate your funds to Money Every 3 Days and ensure it matches our baking address:


If using a Ledger nano device with computer you can use it with the Ledger Live desktop or mobile app.

I want to use a desktop wallet

Galleon is a good wallet.

If using the Trezor T device with computer you can use it with the Simple Staking website.