Fee increase from 6% to 10%

We are increasing our fee to 10% starting from cycle 320.

Fee increase from 4% to 6%

We are increasing our fee to 6% starting from cycle 276.

New baker address

We’re announcing a new baking address. Please switch ASAP to our new baking address: tz1NEKxGEHsFufk87CVZcrqWu8o22qh46GK6 The fee at the new address remains at 4% and the minimum delegation to receive rewards is 10 tezos. What will happen to delegates at the old address? The fee on the old tz1egb address is currently 15% since the …

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Minimum baking balance upped to 100 tez

Delegates with a less than 100 tez – The transaction fees are eating into your rewards! We’re upping our minimum balance to 100 tez. Payouts will stop in 7 cycles time or ~ 1st August. Please add more tezos to your address to continue receiving rewards.

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TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)!

It’s the weekend and the stock markets have closed. But cryptos like Bitcoin and Tezos never sleeps – the network and markets plod on! What exactly is Tezos? It’s a unique digital asset running on a decentralised platform. Anyone can buy some ‘tez’ (ticker symbol: XTZ) by first acquiring a fraction of a bitcoin and …

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Baking Tezos animation

Marketing visuals will spur people to bake Tezos. I spent the last couple of days making this short animation using Blender. Learning a new skill (animation and rigid body physics) has been a rewarding experience. If you would like to have a go making your own Tezos baking factory, download Blender (link above) and download …

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Regular income from the blockchain

Benefits One of the most exciting reasons to get some tez is the opportunity to supplement or replace your income with regular crypto currency rewards. Having a regular income improves well-being, time management and in this case, it can be as easy to set it up once and enjoy the rewards. Considerations If everyone in …

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Why Tezos?

Some may wonder why Tezos is named “Tezos”. The creator of Tezos wrote an algorithm to parse available domain names that were phonetically easy to remember and short in length. The units can be referred to as “tez”, “xtz” or “tezzies”. The ticker code is “XTZ”. Given that the name “Tezos” was generated by a …

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