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money every 3 days

Delegators interested in staking, sign up for staking here.

How to earn regular passive income with staking:

Unlock the potential of passive income with Tezos staking.

Unlock the potential of passive income by staking Tezos. Learn how the revolutionary Tezos network provides a secure and user-friendly way to earn rewards through its cutting-edge Proof of Stake technology.

Why Choose Tezos for Passive Income?

Tezos stands out with its liquid proof of stake, ensuring your stake not only secures the tezos network, but can be spent by you at all times. By staking Tezos, you earn regular rewards and are part of a monetary revolution!

Easy to start

Earn 5% p.a.
Setup your account in less than a minute.
Visit Tezos Rocks:

Delegate your account to earn rewards

Kukai wallet lets you delegate your account to a validator, or 'baker' who bakes rewards on your behalf. You stay in control and can transact at any time.

Live in Perth?

Get on the mailing list and attend a free event to learn more about Tezos.

Stakers get higher rewards than delegators

At the moment we're accepting stakes with minimum of 5,000 XTZ.Please include:
1) Amount of XTZ you expect to have in your account at June 5th,
2) Your tezos address.

To learn all the details about staking go here

or reach out to Leo on Twitter/X:

What is Proof of Stake?

Proof-of-stake is how the Tezos nodes come to agreement on the state of the ledger.Instead of proof-of-work models, which consume large amounts of electricity, Tezos nodes stake Tezos tokens to earn 'rights' to process transactions and receive rewards.By withdrawing your tezos to a wallet and 'staking' them with a node, you only transfer the 'reward rights' of your tezos while keeping your tezos in your wallet.The Tezos system is designed to keep you in control of your money!

How does Tezos staking compare to leaving money in a bank?

  • Staking in Tezos offers higher annual percentage yields (APY).

  • As of February 7th, 2024 if staking with our node (Money Every 3 Days) the annual rate is 5%.

  • Tezos in your wallet are yours to spend and there's no risk of a bank run.

  • Traditional banks typically offer lower interest rates. These rates are often below the rate of inflation, which means the real purchasing power of your money could decrease over time.

  • Banks generally loan your dollars out and only keep a fraction in reserve.